Do you find yourself getting nervous when you’re at the airport? Are you uncertain about how to communicate with people in English while travelling? Don’t worry, and this article will help. Here we will discuss eight common questions that may be asked of travellers while they are at the airport. By becoming familiar with these questions, you can feel more confident and better navigate the airport. We’ll explain each question and how to answer them clearly and concisely.

Do you have an e-ticket or a paper ticket?

Do you have an e-ticket or a paper ticket? E-ticket Paper ticket Have you checked in yet? I have checked in.

Are you checking in baggage or carrying on?

If you’re going to travel internationally, you need to be able to answer the questions that airline representatives ask when you check in for your flight. Some of them might be difficult to answer, so be prepared to answer them in English. Are you checking in baggage or carrying on? Do you have a medical certificate? Are you travelling with a firearm? Are you travelling with any dangerous items? Do you have any special dietary needs or restrictions? Are you travelling on a different airline? Do you have any other questions?

Would you like a window or aisle seat?

What does “window” mean? It means you will have a better view of the outside world. You will also better understand the person sitting next to you. If you have a window seat, you will also have a lot of light, making the flight more comfortable. What does “aisle” mean? The aisle is the first row of seats on an aeroplane. Usually, the seats in the first row are the best seats on the plane.

May I see your boarding pass?

May I see your boarding pass? Yes, please. No, I don’t have one. I don’t have one. I am not sure.

Which gate should I board from?

I’m not sure which gate I should board my flight from. I’ve looked at my ticket and the airline website, but it’s unclear which gate I need to go to. I’m going to ask an airport employee for help to get to the right gate in time for my flight!

Is my flight delayed or on time?

I am trying to determine if my flight is delayed or on time. I am currently at the airport and would like to know my departure time. Is there someone I can speak to to get an update on the status of my flight?

Do you have anything to declare?

At the airport, I was asked if I had anything to declare. I told the customs officer I did not have any prohibited items or items over my duty-free limit. I also informed them that I was not carrying any excess currency. The customs officer thanked me for my honesty and allowed me to continue through the airport without delay.

May I see your passport and travel documents?

I may ask to see your passport and travel documents at the airport. This routine request helps ensure security and verify that you are legally travelling to the country. Please make sure to have your valid documents ready when you arrive at the airport so we can process your check-in quickly.


The ability to answer questions in English at the airport is a valuable skill for anyone who travels frequently. Understanding and responding to questions in English confidently can make your travel experience smoother, faster, and more enjoyable. Even if you don%u2019t understand all of the words being used, being polite and asking for clarification are key skills that will help you easily get through the airport. These eight common types of airport questions will become second nature with a little practice.