It is good to have several options. This is true in most aspects of your life. However, having several options in your wardrobe makes it easier to dress for different occasions.

The best part of having an organised and versatile wardrobe full of various options is mixing trends and styles in a more creative and fun way.

Athleisure is one of the popular clothing styles, combining the best parts of comfy loungewear, trendy pieces, and athletic clothing. It is also a style defined by some sporty element and soft fabrics and cool accessories, resulting in outfits, which is both unsuspectingly comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Sneakers, tracksuits, joggers, and leggings from brands like, Nike, Adidas, and Puma AU are common sportswear models used in the athleisure trend.

Why Athleisure Styles Are Popular

Athleisure as a sportswear style has greatly impacted the fashion industry. This style’s popularity is because most people have realised the importance of leading a healthy life.

From the start, athleisure’s goal was to create sportswear models and styles which were more suitable and comfortable for exercising. But in the early 1970s, a new focus on function and materials developed in favour of exercise.

Stylish Athleisure Outfit Ideas

The athleisure trend is here to stay. Besides, athleisure styles are both comfortable and stylish. They are a perfect excuse to wear hoodies and jeggings the whole day, letting your activewear look double as a brunch outfit and owning the fact that sweatpants count as pants.

It has been many years since the style became mainstream in the 2010s. And since then, athleisure trends have evolved to provide everyone with everything from wearing sneakers to prom and 80s sweatsuits to gorp-core.

You can always mix your athleisure style with posh accessories like heeled boots and gold hoops. But if you plan on building your wardrobe with athleisure style, the following are staples or clothing ideas you should start with:

  • Leggings, zip-up, sneakers, and coat – Everyone loves a pair of comfortable leggings. The best cold-weather athleisure style is a pair of comfortable leggings with a zip-up top, followed by a coat layered over your top and sneakers to wrap up the entire look. If your athleisure pieces are all neutral, add a pair of printed sneakers. But if they are bold athleisure pieces, stick to neutral sneakers, such as tan, grey, black, or white. Your coat serves as a sophisticated layer but remember to add accessories, like a cute bag, a baseball cap, and earrings, to finish the entire look.
  • Versatile hoodies – Every fitness enthusiast will say that including several comfy hoodies in your wardrobe is key. People wear activewear hoodies for various reasons. Some wear them for fashion, whereas others believe wearing them makes them more efficient as they keep their muscles warm before they start to work out. Either way, versatile hoodies from stores like Footlocker Australia are fashionable and fun athleisure pieces you can wear when having lazy weekends or working out. You can pair an activewear hoodie with sneakers and jeans for your trip to a family dinner, get-together with friends, or grocery store.
  • A supportive sports bra – Women must wear supportive sports bras specifically designed for running and other high-impact sports activities. Try them on and test them out by jumping up and down and running in place. A good sports bra must fit properly and shouldn’t be overly stretchy. For women with large chests who have had difficulty finding supportive and comfortable sports bras, Puma AU styles can be the option. Ensure you replace them after 72 washes or if your weight significantly changes and when they start to lose their elasticity.
  • Workout shorts for men – Excellent for guys on the move, these shorts are made of moisture-grabbing climalite fabric, drawing moisture and heat away from your body to keep you cool regardless of how intense your workouts get. They conveniently also have a loop drawcord on the waist and side pockets. With a reasonable price and more than 20 colours to pick from, you won’t go wrong with these workout shorts for men.

Criteria for Choosing and Buying Athleisure Style

Getting in shape, whether through yoga or by pumping iron, running, and lunging, is not just important for your physical health. Exercise will also greatly impact your mental health. But having the right activewear clothes is just as important as having the correct gear. Everyone likes looking good, especially now that athleisure has become more popular. Looking good has a great impact on both your motivation and stamina. In order to make the right buying decision, you must determine your needs. Most athleisure pieces suit different workouts, while some are personalised to a particular audience. For instance, tops with sleeves from an activewear manufacturer might not be best suited for yoga or aerobics. Plus, it is also a matter of personal preference. Athleisure, in general, must be comfortable for regular wear.

Another key factor to look at is compression. Some athleisure tops, tights, and socks are made of compression fabric. Compression gear helps a lot to speed up your recovery after your workout, and some people report that they often get the kind of support they want every time they wear it.

Last, but not least, it is performance-oriented. When buying athleisure pieces at your favourite store, try them on. How properly your clothing fit helps to determine your efficiency. They either affect your performance or hold you back if they are too tight or loose. But when buying athleisure pieces online, consult a size chart available on the website of your preferred brand. Since sizes vary from brand to brand, consult a sizing chart, as exchanging or returning the item can incur more costs.

Final Remarks

The athleisure industry is continuously gaining popularity as more consumers spend on sportswear clothing. But before you include them in your wardrobe, focus on the basics. That should start with supportive and comfortable pieces that suit your needs and the desire to hit the road.