A well-organized guest room can provide visitors with a comfortable and inviting space while allowing the homeowner to store their belongings neatly. We will explore the essential storage solutions every guest room needs to stay organised. We’ll discuss a niche storage piece that helps guests keep their belongings in order during their stay and highlight other storage pieces that homeowners can use to declutter the space and ensure a seamless guest experience. Let’s dive in!

The Must-Have Niche Storage Piece:

Every guest room should have a designated area for guests to organise their belongings. A luggage rack is a perfect niche storage piece that provides a convenient spot for guests to place their suitcases. Guests can easily access their belongings with a luggage rack without stooping or clattering the floor. It also helps prevent suitcases from occupying unnecessary space and eliminates the need for guests to bend down repeatedly.

Utilise Closet Space:

Closets are valuable storage areas in guest rooms. Maximise closet space by installing shelves or adjustable organisers. This allows guests to store folded clothes, shoes, or personal items neatly and out of sight. Could you provide hangers and a few empty drawers to allow guests to hang or fold their clothes according to their preferences?

Functional Bedside Storage:

Provide guests with functional bedside storage options for convenience. A nightstand with drawers or shelves is perfect for guests to keep their personal items, such as books, electronic devices, or glasses, within easy reach. Additionally, consider adding a bedside caddy or organiser that can hold smaller items like chargers, pens, notepads, or a glass of water.

Multi-Purpose Furniture:

Investing in multi-purpose furniture can maximise storage while adding aesthetic appeal to the guest room. Opt for a bed with built-in drawers or a storage ottoman that can hold extra blankets, pillows, or other items guests may need. A bench with hidden storage at the foot of the bed can also provide a convenient place to store extra linens or bulky items.

Decorative Storage Baskets or Boxes:

Incorporating decorative storage baskets or boxes can serve as both functional and stylish storage solutions. Place them on shelves or in the closet to store smaller items or loose belongings. Choose baskets or boxes that complement the room’s decor, adding a touch of visual appeal while keeping items organized and easily accessible.


Creating an organized oasis in your guest room enhances both the guest experience and the homeowner’s peace of mind. By incorporating niche storage pieces like a luggage rack, utilising closet space, providing functional bedside storage, opting for multi-purpose furniture, and incorporating decorative storage baskets or boxes, you can ensure your guests have a clutter-free and enjoyable stay. Remember, a well-organized guest room reflects your hospitality and attention to detail, making guests feel welcome and at home.