To effectively choose the appropriate perfume, you must familiarize yourself on your own with the different available kinds. You may be brought into one certain aroma; nonetheless, to enjoy it completely, your knowledge of various fragrance types is very important to assist you to choose the best variation.

Different perfume kinds don’t necessarily influence the fragrance or the total quality of the item; instead, they explain the concentration of the scent oils in the aroma. Below is a comprehensive introduction of the various sorts of perfumes described carefully. With this guide, picking the excellent bouquet will certainly quickly end up being a smooth process for you.

Perfume Types

Normally, there are five common kinds of perfumes. These consist of parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and eau de fraiche. The main difference between these five perfume types is their fragrance oil focus. Currently, have a look at each fragrance type to recognize their characteristics completely.


Parfum is the fragrance kind with the highest possible fragrance oil focus, as well as it is because of this, it remains to be the most pricey of the fragrance kinds. Commonly, parfum consists of 15 to 40% scent oil focus; which makes it larger, stronger, and oily.

Due to its stronger, much heavier, and oilier character, only a few bits on the pulse points will last you the whole day. Its stronger aroma makes it less complicated to determine, contrasted to other fragrance kinds.

Eau De Parfum

Eau de perfume is often described as perfume and holds a 10 to 15% scent oil concentration. Therefore, they contain a lighter oil concentration and even more alcohol and water concentration than parfum.

Nonetheless, Eau de parfum is still rather a solid perfume type and will last on your body for 6 to 8 hrs. Unlike, Eau de perfume is not very simple to identify as it is housed in a spray container or stopper bottle.

Eau De Toilette

Eau de toilette consists of 4 to 15% scent oil concentration. This lighter scent perfume is normally housed in a spray bottle due to its fairly lower fragrance oil concentration and high alcohol web content. Normally, it lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, indicating that you will certainly have to freshen it at some point during the day. Or change it with a stronger Eau de parfum at night.

Its reasonably light body makes an ideal alternative for workplace wear or any celebration where you don’t want your fragrance to be offensive. Eau de toilette is appropriate for the warmer weather condition throughout the summer and also springtime periods.

Eau de Cologne

Eau de cologne fragrance is initially created for people who desire a lighter variation of a specific scent. Nonetheless, with time, it has currently evolved into more of a male scent. Yet, you can still locate some female fragrances noted as eau de cologne. Eau de cologne largely holds a 2 to 5% fragrance oil focus. Eau de cologne also lasts for 2 to 4 hours.

This diluted perfume type is light and provides the alternative of the fragrance scent you enjoy at a cheaper rate. Nevertheless, numerous costly scents for men in an “eau de cologne” characteristic are normally marketed as a dash on or aftershave scent.

Eau De Fraiche

Eau de Fraiche, likewise known as fragrance water, is the least pricey and the least focused of the fragrance kinds. Typically, Eau de Fraiche includes between 1 to 3% scent oil concentrations. Due to this ultra-light scent oil concentration and high alcohol focus, Eau de Fraiche will usually dissipate within an hr or more and are housed in a spray container.

Eau de Fraiche also freely equates to freshwater. Hence, it is a terrific summer season product for occasions at the beach or health club. You can utilize the Eau de Fraiche to revitalize after an exercise or when you are chilling at the beach.

Bottom Line

The next time you purchase perfume, don’t let the salesman affect your decision based on the perfume type. As opposed to what most fragrance salespeople recommend, one perfume kind isn’t always premium or of excellent quality than the other. For instance, Eau de perfume isn’t always better than eau de toilette.

You are made to think so due to its greater price and also scent oil concentration. Selecting eau de toilette over Eau de perfume isn’t a poor suggestion. You might go with eau de toilette because you are searching for the same fragrance aroma; however, you desire a lighter variant that will not be offensive in an air-conditioned office.

Bear in mind, the top quality of your perfume is not established by its kind or fragrance oil concentration– you may effectively locate a poor quality Eau de parfum as much as you can find a top-quality Eau de parfum. The same applies to all the various other perfume types. As a result, fragrance kinds merely work as a guide to choosing the appropriate fragrance.

In general,

Eau de parfum works excellent for the cooler season because it is stronger in fragrance, much heavier, and oilier. Yet, you have to guarantee you select winter-friendly scent notes. Eau de toilette is optimal for the warmer seasons due to its lighter scent. Nevertheless, like Eau de perfume, you want to pick the best fragrance note mix.

Eau de cologne works particularly great for male fragrances, particularly as an aftershave as well as a splash on perfume. So after you cut, a few spritz or rubs on the face will certainly leave that fresh as well as lightly aromatic feeling.

Eau de Fraiche, just as its name recommends, is ideal for freshening. So, instead of utilizing it as your go-to perfume, it works perfectly for instances where you wish to rejuvenate, such as at the health club or beach. You can likewise toss it in your bag to freshen throughout the day.

As a hack, purchase in a similar way aromatic Eau de parfum or eau de toilette with an Eau de Fraiche so you can have a less costly fragrance refreshing choice throughout the day.