If you’re a pet owner, you’ve likely experienced the unpleasant task of cleaning up pet messes. While traditional cleaning products can mask the smell and appearance of these messes, Professional cleaners offer a more effective solution. Here’s what you need to know about Professional cleaners and how they can help you tackle pet messes.

What exactly are Professional cleaners? How do they work?

Professional cleaners are cleaning products that contain natural enzymes, such as protease, amylase, and lipase. These enzymes are designed to break down organic matter, such as pet urine, feces, and vomit. Professional cleaners target these messes’ proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and break them into smaller, water-soluble molecules that can be easily wiped away.

Are Professional cleaners effective in removing pet stains?

Yes, Professional cleaners are highly effective in removing pet stains. Unlike traditional cleaning products, which mask the smell and appearance of pet messes, Professional cleaners break down the organic matter that causes the colour and the odour. This means that Professional cleaners can effectively remove old and stubborn stains.

What are the benefits of using Professional cleaners? Why use Professional cleaners over other cleaning products?

Professional cleaners offer several benefits over traditional cleaning products. Firstly, they are highly effective in removing pet stains and odours, even from deep within carpets and upholstery. Secondly, they are non-toxic and safe for use around pets and children. Professional cleaners also tend to be more environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning products, using natural and biodegradable ingredients. Finally, Professional cleaners can be more cost-effective in the long run, as they often require less product and effort to achieve the desired results.

Any safety guidelines to follow when using a Professional cleaner?

While Professional cleaners are generally safe to use, it’s important to follow some safety guidelines to protect you and your pets. Always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Avoid getting the cleaner in your eyes or skin, and use gloves if necessary. Keep the cleaner out of reach of children and pets, and avoid using it on surfaces that water could damage, such as wood or unsealed stone.

Can you offer any alternatives to Professional cleaners for pet stains?

While professional cleaners are the most effective solution for pet stains, there are some alternative methods that you can try. One option is to use a vinegar and water solution to neutralize the odour and remove the stain. Mix one part vinegar with one part water and apply the solution to the stain. Allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes before blotting it dry with a clean cloth. Another option is to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the two ingredients to form a paste and apply it to the stain. Allow it to sit for a few hours before vacuuming up the residue. However, it’s important to note that these alternatives may not be as effective as Professional cleaners, particularly on stubborn or old stains.


Professional cleaners are a highly effective solution for pet messes. They work by breaking down organic matter and eliminating the stain and the odour. Professional cleaners offer several benefits over traditional cleaning products, including their effectiveness, safety, and environmental friendliness. By following some simple safety guidelines and using Professional cleaners as directed, you can easily and effectively clean up pet messes and keep your home smelling fresh and clean.