There’s a lot of value in learning when you can cut costs on certain things around the house. It might be that the difference in quality between the own-brand and the big name isn’t actually as big as the marketing would have you believe, or maybe it’s just so much cheaper that it bridges the gap. However, the end result is a cheaper shop that can save you a lot of money over time.

That being said, there’s also some importance in understanding when the difference in quality is enough to provide you with an entirely altered experience. While you might not think this makes up for the cost, the difference it makes in regard to your own enjoyment might be going unappreciated.

Tea and Coffee

Hot drinks aren’t always for everyone, and even if they are for you, you might agree that they tend to have their place. So, if it’s something that you enjoy sporadically, you might be wondering why it matters what the quality is like at all. In fact, it’s for that exact reason, once it becomes a special occasion, you want to ensure that you’re making that occasion as special as it can be, and getting excited for something like that only to be underwhelmed can be quite disappointing indeed.

Alternatively, you might be one of the millions of people who drink tea or coffee every day, and at that point, you might need no convincing as to why higher quality could make a marked difference to how you enjoy your day. This might mean that you buy organic coffee, or shell out for the more expensive teabags, but as it lasts a while, you might see the value in doing so.

Meal Bases

There are certain ingredients that crop up time and time again when you make meals, and a lot of the time these will take the form of the base of the meal. For example, the ingredients and seasoning around them might regularly change, but something like a can of chopped tomatoes, or stock cubes tend to be versatile enough to be included while still allowing for a wildly different end result. Therefore, why not splash out and ensure that these bases are as good as they can be? As is true elsewhere in life, if the foundations are sturdy, what’s built on top of them have a much stronger chance of succeeding.

Additionally, the difference between the cheapest can of chopped tomatoes and the most expensive might not be all that much, especially compared to the accumulative difference in price you’d pay getting the highest level of all other ingredients such as vegetables or meat. With this in mind, you might think that the jump in quality you’re getting isn’t too bad for a much more reasonable price.


If you’ve gone so long with just getting the cheapest possible examples of some items, you might not even be aware of how much of a difference can be made until you splash out and see for yourself. Rice is one such example, being something that goes alongside a huge variety of meals, it might be an item that finds its way onto your shopping list with some degree of regularity. However, the cheaper brands of rice come with a starchiness that can be massively detrimental to the overall consistency and flavour. There might be ways around this, but the more expensive types of rice tend to be prepared and packaged in such a way that avoids this issue.

Furthermore, you might consider an upgrade in your chosen rice due to wanting to find a more sustainable brand – as the farming of rice can be something that causes more damage to the environment than you might expect.